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About Faye

     Faye Baker has studied the martial arts for 33 years. A black belt in TaeKwonDo and certified instructor (Sifu) in Yang and Wu style T’ai Chi Ch’uan (Taijiquan), she also a certified instructor in Qigong and teaches the unique art of Mulan Hua Ja Quan. Baker began training in Yoga in 1975 and worked with Cresali LaWell where she also taught self defense.  In 1979 Baker began training in TaeKwonDo, Aikido, Judo and Vietnamese Kung Fu under Grand Master Nguyen Van Binh in Houston, Texas where she earned her black belt. 
    Baker is a certified instructor with Energy Arts System under Taoist lineage master Bruce Frantzis in Tai Chi, Qigong and Taoist Longevity Breathing. She is also an acupressurist, having trained at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley.  

Faye also trained and worked in the physical therapy field teaching body mechanics and rehabilitative exercises, as prescribed by the physical therapists. Supervising the physical therapy gym, she worked hands-on with patients' strengthening and stabilization exercises, specializing in back and neck injuries. 

Faye has worked extensively with women’s issues in the Houston Rape Crisis Program. She was honored in 1997 as Martial Artist of the Year by the Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists. She served that organization as president, events coordinator and served on the board of directors. As a tournament competitor, Baker has exhibited her proficiency as a seasoned martial artist by placing in form, sparring and weapon events.

By combining principles and methods from these various healing and movement arts, Sifu Baker has developed programs to help people integrate relaxation, body mechanics, posture and breathing techniques to lead to a more healthful and enjoyable lifestyle. She has purposefully created Workplace Wellness Programs from her teaching experience in the physical therapy field, martial and healing arts.

Faye Baker is also a photographer, graphic designer, and writer. She continues teaching and training in the Taoist arts with the  affirmation ‘My work is my play.’

Mission Statement:    To bring comfort and ease into people's daily lives by teaching methods to improve breathing, posture, balance, and relaxation – in a fun and caring atmosphere.

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