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       Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing art which helps the body regain and maintain overall health and vitality. The focus is on breathing, body structure and alignment, and relaxation. It is practiced to generate energy, vitality and well-being, while training the body to relax and align for maximum health benefits. Qigong is the parent of Tai Chi and is simple to learn and easy to do. Some styles of Qigong resemble standing or seated meditation, while other styles are more active, using specific movements in a defined sequence.

      In Chinese, qi (chi) means vital life energy; gong (gung) means practice or ‘benefits received through perseverance’. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, the goal of qigong is to remove blockages that stop or slow the flow of energy. Breathing and body alignment practiced in qigong induces relaxation and attunes the body’s internal systems. By releasing tension and stress, qigong helps balance the emotions and enhances the body’s immune system.  

      The exercises are easily adapted to those with pre-existing conditions or injuries. 

     Tai Chi classes start with qigong or qigong may be taught separately. Qigong is also included in the Body in Balance classes.

      Qigong is an art that can be practiced by people of any physical ability or age – an Art for a Liifetime.

Qigong is also written as Chi Gung, Chi Gong, Chi Kung, Chi Kong.

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