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Stress Relief Strategies

          Faye Baker has developed several innovative workplace wellness programs based on her experience in the physical therapy field and teaching martial arts. She combines principles from these disciplines and healing arts to present workplace wellness programs tailored to meet the employees' work environment.  

The objectives of the CounterChanges programs are to help your company:


•   Reduce worker's compensation claims and absenteeism

•   Improve work performance with better mental clarity

•   Help prevent repetitive stress and musculo-skeletal injuries

•   Relieve stress working at the computer and performing other workplace tasks

•   Use proper body mechanics while sitting, standing, moving, or lifting

•   Increase relaxation and oxygenation with proper breathing

•   Release tension in the back, neck and shoulders


CounterChanges Workplace Wellness Programs give employees a toolbox of techniques to self-manage their work strategies for maximum output with minimal stress.


•   Ergonomics

•   Body Mechanics – sitting, standing, moving, lifting 

•   Breathing and relaxation methods

•   Using micro-breaks at the workstation to release tension 


The benefits gained from this knowledge are long-lasting and easily integrated into all aspects of your employees’ work day – as well as their personal life.


•  On-site workshops, seminars or on-going sessions

•  Workshops for Business Conferences and Retreats

•  Tailored to meet your employees’ work environment

Creative scheduling convenient to your company's workflow.

Call for a consultation. 

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